Hot Nut Formers

160 ton Sakamura HNP-80SS Hi-Speed 3-Die Hot Former w/Induction Heater & Bar Feeder Re:23140
Model: HNP-80SS
Manufacturer: Sakamura
Built new in the 1990's and fully rebuilt and upgraded in 2007, this Hot Forming System is in Excellent condition available for immediate inspection and delivery.
Max bar/wire dia35mm
Max part length60mm
Max cutoff slug weight300 grams
Max blank outer dia53mm
Min blank outer dia20mm
Blank height range8 - 35mm
Production speed85 - 170ppm
Main motor power45kW
Forging Load160 metric tons
Machine net weight30,000kgs
It comes complete with an Ajax Induction Heating System, a Siemens computer system and a Bar Feeding System.
National model 3-3 Hi-Speed 3-Die Hot Former Installation Re:23878
Model: 3-3
Manufacturer: National
Still installed, this Hot Former is in very good working condition however, the Induction Heating System is incomplete. New generators must be added, and electric/electronic retrofitting is needed.
Max part diameter2-5/8"
Max cutoff diameter1-3/4"
Max cutoff length3-1/2"
Min cutoff length1" (less than cutter thickness is possible)
Max kickout length4"
Strokes per minuteup to 120ppm
Main motor power75hp
Machine net weight90,000 lbs
Machine floor space12 ft 5" W x 17 ft L
Complete withg:
• Bar Feeding System
• Induction Heating System
• Complete set of documentation

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