Open Die Cold Headers

16 x 500mm (5/8" x 20") Toko TL-400 Extra Long Work Open Die Double Stroke Cold Header w/Long-Feed Straightener, Re:23864
Model: TL-400
Manufacturer: Toko
Built new in 1990, this Extra Long Work Open Die Cold Header will produce parts up to 500mm under head length.
Cutoff dia rating16mm (0.629")
Max cutoff length550mm (21.653")
Max underhead length500mm (19.685")
Min underhead length150mm (5.905")
Quill diameter45mm (1.771")
Die block length150mm (5.905")
Ram stroke375mm (14.764")
Production rate32 ppm
Main motor power30kW (40hp)
Machine net weight15,000 kgs (33,000 lbs)
Truly a uniquely designed machine, it is equipped with the following features:

• Multiple roll two-plane straightener (floor mounted)
• Enclosed bushing type cutoff
• Unique TOKO Open Die System
NOTE: Dies only a few inches long produce parts the full length range of the machine's capacity.
• Quick Length Adjustment Feature
NOTE: Length changes can be made by making a simple adjustment And, when using the same diameter wire, the same set of dies will produce parts the full length range of the machine's capacity.
• Automatic lubrication system
• Flywheel guards
• Oil catch base under entire machine
• Dual-grooved feed rolls

The machine is currently being refurbished as follows:
• Refitting of the ram
• Refitting the punch slide
• Checking main journals
• Refitting of the connecting rod to the crankshaft
• Refitting of the connecting rod to the ram
• Reworking the cams and cam followers
• Reworking of the feed mechanism and components
• Installation of a complete New lubrication system
• Replace all lubrications lines, fittings, terminal distribution blocks,flexible lines, etc.
• Checking and making any necessary repairs to the electrical system and operators control station

In addition, a number of parts were made brand new including one cross shaft, one side shaft, various shifter parts, two large locking nuts, and other miscellaneous parts.

The below photos were taken prior to removal from the plant. The machine will be in Excellent Condition once refurbishing is completed.

28.01.2013. 09:20