Forging Hammers

10,000kgs (22,000 lbs) Kramatorsk M2150 Double Action Closed Die Steam Forging Hammer Re:23962
Model: M2150
Condition: Used
Manufacturer: Kramatorsk
Condition is very good and working when dismantled. It is complete and nothing requires replacing or repairing.?
Nominal weight of the ram10,000 kgs (22,000 lbs)
Impact energy26,000 Kgm
Ram stroke1,400mm
Distance between the guides1,000mm
Max blows per minute30 bpm
Ram F-B1,180mm
Die holder F-B1,400mm
Bottom die to floor775mm
Weight of anvil block203,800 kgs (449,300 lbs)
Total weight of hammer279,300 kgs (616,000 lbs)
The Hammer comes complete with a new die holder.
It is already dismantled and the smaller parts are already delivered to the Port.
We can provide "Quick Delivery" for this Hammer.
20,000lb Chambersburg Drop Forging Hammer - Re:23653
Condition: Used
Manufacturer: Chambersburg
Includes an extra set of columns.
Nominal bore30"
Ram stroke57"
Between the guides37"
Ram (front to back)46"
Anvil cap (front to back)58"
Min die Bearing area1,190"
Min die striking area278"
Floor space171 x 88"
Requires the following (drawings available to produce the components:
• Ram
• Piston & Head
• Sow Back
Base - 245,000 lbs
Sub base - 260,000 lbs
Columns - 20,000 lbs
Head - 16,000 lbs
25,000 lb (upgraded to 28,000 lb) Erie Drop Forging Hammer new in 1981 with spare lower anvil, ram and side frame
Manufacturer: Erie
Built new in 1981 and still installed, this Hammer has been upgraded from a 25,000 lb to a 28,000 lb Drop Forging Hammer. It has been very well maintained and is in very good working condition. It may be inspected under power on request.
Reference 24306
Model 25,000 Drop Forging Hammer
Weight of installed Ram 28,000 lbs
Cylinder bore 30"
Ram stoke58"
Ram to sow block minimum 20"
Distance between the guides40"
Rod diameter9.5"
Ram front to back 48"
Upper anvil weight 263,000 lbs
Lower anvil weight351,000
Total weight (approx) 800,000 lbs
The following items are included as spare parts:
• Spare 25,000 lb Ram (Note: a 28,000 lb ram is currently installed).
• Spare Lower Anvil (weighs 351,000 lbs)
• Spare unused side frame (weighs 50,000 lbs)
• An additional assortment of smaller spare parts

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