Hyd Forging Presses

1,000 ton Lowey 4-Column Down-Acting Hydraulic Open Die Forging Press Re:24107
Condition: Used
Manufacturer: Lowey
Nominal force10 MN (1,000tons)
Max press stroke800mm (31.50")
Press daylight(2,200mm (86.61")
Distance between columns800 x 800 (31.5 x 31.5")
No. of pullback cylinders2
1,000 ton Skoda CKV 1000-4 4-Column Push-Down Hydraulic Open Die Forging Press with 7.5 Ton Forge Manipulator Re:24145
Model: CKV 1000-4
Condition: Used
Manufacturer: Skoda
This Press and Manipulator were both fully rebuilt in 2006. Still installed, they are available for immediate inspection and delivery.?
Rated forge tonnage1,000 metric tons
Ram stroke1,250mm
Ram width1,250mm
Max eccentricity during forging250mm
Forging strokes per minute15 - 20 spm
Planishing strokes per minute70 - 80 spm
Number of press cylindersone (1)
Height above floor level7.7 mtrs
Manipulator lifting capacity7.5 tons
1,500 ton 4-Column Hydraulic Open or Closed Die Push-Up type Forging Press fully rebuilt & modernized Re:23304
Condition: Used
Still installed, this press is in Excellent Condition! It was fully rebuilt with all new systems in 2000 and has not run production as it is installed in the R & D dept of a Forging Company!?
Rated forge tonnage1,500 tons
Ram stroke30"
Pullbacks diameter6"
Main cylinder diameter36"
Column center distance48" L-to-R
Column center distance42" F-to-B
Dual pump rating6,000 PSI each
Pump main power250hp each pump
Step up transformer 500kVA
Tool induction heater rating100kW
10,000 ton Schloemann Heavy 4-Column Push Down Hydraulic Forging Press Re:23469
Manufacturer: Schloemann
This short stroke press is accompanied by a Ring Rolling Mill Sizer and a 4,000 ton Dishing and Punching Press. It has been used in the production of gear blanks and crane wheels as well as short flat and rounded parts not requiring a long stroke machine.
Still installed, it is in very good working condition available for immediate inspection and delivery.
Rated Forge tonnage10,000 tons
Max ram stroke1,000mm
Forging speed (approx)100mm/sec
Pullback power550 tons
Distance between columns2,800mm F-to-B
Distance between columns3,150mm L-to-R
Highest level above floor8,200mm
Lower tool shifter side stroke2,650mm
Upper tool shifter side stroke1,600mm
2,000/2,500 ton United 4-Column Single Cylinder Push Down Hydraulic Open Die Forging Press Re:24124
Condition: Used
Manufacturer: United
We are offering this press fully rebuilt and complete with New Hydraulics, Electrics and Electronics. Delivery time approximately eight (8) months from receipt of order.
Nominal Force2,000 tons
Upsetting Force2,500 tons
Max press stroke1,219mm (48")
Press daylight2,743mm (108")
Distance between columns L-R1,765mm (69.5")
Measured forging tolerance? 1mm on hot work piece
Press strokes per minute20 - 90 spm
Main motors(3) 600kW (total of 1,800kW)
Hydraulic pumps(6) High Pressure Axial Pumps
Press total height Press height above floor
10,185mm (33.4 ft)8,382mm (27.5 ft)
5,000 ton 4-Column 3-Cylinder Hydraulic Push-Down Open Die Forging Press w/80 ton Manipulator Re:23729
Model: 5000/4/PD
Condition: Used
Manufacturer: Asian Built
This Line is Brand New - Never used and Never Installed.?
Max forge tonnage rating5,000 metric tons
Press stroke2,500mm ( 98.4")
Press daylight5,000mm (196.8")
Main press cylinders710mm (28") dia x (3)
Table shifting left or right3,000mm (118")
Number of Hydraulic pumpseight (8)
Manipulator carrying capacity80 metric tons
Tongs opening w/o inserts800 - 2,000mm (31.5" - 78.7")
Tongs opening w/ext armsup to 2,800mm (110")
Net weight of press w/table900 mtons (1,984,140 lbs)
5,000 ton Bliss 4-Post Single Cylinder Down-Acting Hydraulic Press - Re:23005
Model: HS-5000-4R-84-204
Manufacturer: Bliss
Even though this press was built new in the 1950's, it was only installed in the early 2,000's and is in Excellent condition having only run production for a few years.
Rated force in tons5,000 tons
Stroke1219mm (48")
Daylight3353mm (132")
Bed (F-B)2134mm (84")
Bed (L-R) (between posts)2540mm (100")
Platen (F-B)2134mm (84")
Platen (L-R)5182mm (204")
Advance speed1016mm/min (400"/min)
Pressing speed483mm/min (19"/min)
Press net weight840,000 lbs
5,000 ton Hydraulico Model GOF-5000 Hydraulic Closed Die Forging Press - Re: 22861
Model: GOF-5000
Manufacturer: Hydraulico
Built new in 1984, this press is in very good condition available for immediate inspection and delivery.
Ram1,700 x 2,600mm
Moving table1,700 x 2,600mm
Pressing speed6-11mm/sec
Return speed215mm/sec
Rapid advance speed200mm/sec
Electrics380v 50hz
6000/8000 ton 4-Column 3-Cylinder Oil Hydraulic Open Die Forging Press w/4-Die Mag & Moving table, Re:24041
Model: 6000/8000t ODFP
This press is available for immediate inspection and delivery.
It comes with Wepuko Hydraulics and Siemens Electrics/Electronics.
Distance between the columns is 2,600mm (102.4") x 5,000mm (196.8")
Nominal Forging Force6,000 metric tons
Nominal Upsetting Force8,000 metric tons
Max press stroke2,600mm (102.4")
Max press daylight6,000mm (236.2")
Die table area126" W x 315" L x 118" left-right
Forging speed3.35"/sec
Total power supply7,850 hp
Height above floor levelapprox 45 ft
Depth below floor levelapprox 15 ft
Net weight of the pressapprox 1,800 mtons (3,960,000 lbs)
7,500 ton Duisberg?4-Column Open Die Hot Forging Press, Re:24199?
Manufacturer: Duisberg
Capacity7,500 tons
Bed area (L-R)120"
Diameter of columns26.8"
Distance between columns173"
Total height of press (foundation - top)60 ft.
Height above floor45 ft.
Approx. weight1,056 tons
Stroke per min25
8,000/9,000 ton Heavy Duty 4-Column Push-Down type Hydraulic Open Die Forging Press with 120 ton Rail Bound Forging Mani
Condition: Used
Only a few years old, this Line is available for immediate inspection and delivery. It is being sold due to Over-Capacity however, it is in Excellent condition. If you are serious about purchasing a line of this size and age then we suggest immediate action.
Forging tonnage rating8,000 metric tons
Upsetting tonnage rating9,000 metric tons
Ram stroke122"
Between the columns74" L-R x 180" F-B
Die table area142" W x 315" L
Die magazine capacityfour (4) dies
Max cogging spm82 spm
Lifting capacity of Manipulator120 metric tons
Max tongs opening118"
800 ton Lowey 4-Column Down-Acting Hydraulic Open Die Forging Press Re:24108
Manufacturer: Lowey
Nominal force800 tons
Max press stroke1,500mm (59.05")
Press daylight2,000mm (78.74")
Distance between columns1,500 x 1,500mm (59.05 x 59.05")
No. of pullback cylinders2
Press speeds:
•Forging speed @ 800 tons - 0-65 mm/sec (0-2.56")
•Advance speed - 0-250 mm/sec (0-9.84")
•Return speed - 0-250 mm/sec (0-9.84")

Press forces:
•Forging @ 210 bar - 80 MN (800 tons)
•Return @ 210 bar - 1.0 MN (100 tons)
•Top die clamping @ 10 bar - 3 tons

Hydraulic pumps - 2 sets x axial piston pump
•Pressure rate - 400 bar
•Working pressure - 280 bar
•Total flow - 1,150 liters/min

Electric main motors:
•1 set - 530kW, 6P, 380 Volt, IP22, F Class, Double end shaft

Total electric power supply:
•(2) Main motors - 530 kW, 380 volt, 1200 RPM
•(1) Pilot motor - 11.25kW, 380 Volt, 1800 RPM
•(2) Oil heaters - 10 kW, 380 volt
•Total power supply - 551.25 kW
Birdsboro 2,500 ton Hydraulic 4-Column Push-Down Single Cylinder Open Die Forging Press, Re:24181
Condition: Used
Manufacturer: Birdsboro
Down-Acting Water Hydraulic Design

• Worthington 120 GPM Pump
• 24" Stroke - 24" x 18" Dia Intensifier
• 115 ton, 10" dia, 30" Stroke Bottom Ram
Capacity1500 Ton (3000 PSI)
Upgraded to 2600 ton @ 5000 PSIStroke
90"Bed Size
30" x 44"Post Size Round Column
15.75" diaMotor (1)
300 hp
Oilgear 10,000 PSI Self-Contained Oil-Hydraulic Power Units Skid-Mounted to Provide "On Call" Portable Hydraulic P
Model: PSU (Power Skid Unit)
Manufacturer: Oilgear
Need Additional Hydraulic Power? Add additional Hydraulic Power to a Press at any time! Pressure can easily be regulated on each side of a press ram. These units are Self-Contained. They just need Power and are ready to run.
Unit pressure rating10,000 PSI
Year of manufacture1988
Each pump is rated at5,000 PSI
Portable Skid MountedFor ease of movement
Oil Resevoir capacity500 gallons
Motor power/electrics300hp/1200rpm/2300volts
Skid length222"
Skid width72"
Skid height98-1/2"
Net weight of each unit18,000 lbs
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