Mech Forging Presses

1,000 ton Ajax Mechanical Forging Press?Fully Rebuilt within the last few years - Re:24147
Condition: Used
Manufacturer: Ajax
Fully rebuilt within the past few years, this press is in excellent working condition and is available for immediate inspection and delivery.
Rated forging tonnage1,000 metric tons
Ram stroke10"
Strokes per minute75 spm
Ram face dims27" x 27"
Die seat L-R x F-B28" x 35"
Width between the columns32.5" L-R
Side window width16"
Floor space L-R x F-B110" x 105"
Height above floor172"
Gross weight109,000 lbs
It comes complete with the following:
• AirClutch & Brake System
• Operator's Push-Button control station
• Two (2) hand operating system
• Safety Guarding
• Induction Heating System
• Three (3) Station Transfer Setup
1,800 ton Cleveland model 34-S Single Action Mechanical Forging Presses Re:23257-58
Model: 34-S
Condition: Used
Manufacturer: Cleveland
Equipped with Mechanical Knockouts in the bed and the ram and bottom and top bolsters.

Serial #8753 with 30" Ram Stroke
Serial #9112 with 40" Ram Stroke
Rated Forge tonnage1,800 tons
Bottom Bolster L-R x F-B48" x 45"
Ram F-B x L-R45" x 47"
Bed F-B x L-R60" x 57"
Shut Height68"
Motorized adjustment8"
Strokes per minute15 spm
Floor space8 ft x 11 ft
Height: above/below floor26 ft / 4 ft 6"
Net weight345,000 lbs
4,000 ton Clearing Mechanical Forging Press Line w/Billet Shear, Trim Press & Ind Heater previously producing Flanges Re
Model: E-14000-48
Condition: Used
Manufacturer: Clearing
Kept in very good working condition, this Press Line is still installed and available for immediate inspection and delivery.?
Rated forge tonnage4,000 tons
Daylight opening60"
Bed L-R x F-B49" x 50"
Strokes per minute30 spm
Main motor power250 hp
Billet shear capacity6-1/8" Rds or 5-3/8" Sqrs
Trim press drive motor75 hp
Trim press stroke + daylight12" + 30"
Induction Heater c/wexternal cooling tower
It comes complete with the following:

• 450 ton Trim Press w/36" x 42" bed and 400t ejector
• 750 ton Billet Shear w/Billet Unscrambler
• 1,000 kW Induction Billet Heater

This Line was last used to produce Flanges.
500 Ton Verson Eccetric Type Forging Press Re: 22120-121
Condition: Used
Manufacturer: Verson
Complete with Air clutch

May be inspected upon request.
Reference #:22120-121Manufacturer
Max. rated forging tonnage500.0 tons
Shut height45.0"
Max. production35 spm
Weight200,000.0 lbs
600 Ton Clearing Crank Type Forging Press - Re:22119
Condition: Used
Manufacturer: Clearing
New in 1971, this press is still installed.
Max. forging tonnage600 tons
Ram stroke20.0"
Shut height54.0"
Production rate35 spm
800 ton Verson S1-800-54-54T Vertical Straight Side Single Action Forging & Extrusion Presses, Re:23364-65 (2)
Model: S1-800-54-54T
Condition: Used
Manufacturer: Verson
The presses have never been back into production after the rebuild was completed and they are in ?Like New? condition.
Forging tonnage 800 tons 4" before stroke bottom
Max between the gibs57"
Bolster F-to-B54"
Bolster L-to-R54"
Slide power adjustment8"
Slide stroke30"
Shut height (SDAU)73"
Main motor power500hp
These presses were designed to be ?Extra Heavy Duty? to accomplish 800 tons of force at 4? up from the bottom of the stroke (typical similar presses achieve maximum tonnage at approximately ?? to ?? up) with special features including 500 HP main motors, extra wide press columns, 7-1/2? diameter tie rods and 19? wide hardened twin pinion gears (38? ? of total gear face width), with an eccentric hub welded as an integral part of the gear eliminating a keyed shaft.

The presses were built new in the 1970's and have recently been rebuilt with all new bearings, bushings, trabon lubricating systems, front safety light curtains, Allen Bradley electrics and Allen Bradley programmable controls. The 500 HP motors were rebuilt and rewound at that time. The original cam operated ?lift out? device was replaced with a new 4-cylinder hydraulic cushion.

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